Strawberry and Banana Healthy Ice Cream

I have been making this Healthy Ice Cream for several years, and it never disappoints.  With only four ingredients it’s simple and ready in a few hours.  What I love about this homemade version of healthy soft serve ice cream is that you know what you’re putting into your body.  You don’t know what you’re getting when you buy ice cream from the store.  Whether it says healthy ice cream (don’t believe everything you read on the packaging) sugar-free, fat-free or regular ice cream.  The list of ingredients can be endless.

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Big corporations don’t care if this food is making us sick and obese as a nation.


So it’s up to us to take our health into our own hands, the best way we know how for ourselves and our family.  I remember before I started my wellness journey I was pretty clueless about what I considered healthy.  With all the low-fat options in processed foods, believing I was doing the right thing.  But as I found out eating fresh food is the best way to live pain-free, keep the energy up and body fat down.

Big pharmaceutical, food, and healthcare companies want to keep you sick.  So they can keep making a profit.  Trust me no one makes money off of healthy people.



What are GMO’s ( genetically modified organism’s)?

GMO’s are in most processed foods if not all.  Below is an excerpt from an article: HOW GOVERNMENTS, FOOD COMPANIES, BIG PHARMA, MEDIA AND HEALTHCARE OPERATORS KEEP US FAT AND SICK   

Policy on G.M.O.’s – a genetically modified organism is food whose genetic makeup has been altered using gene splicing, gene modification, or transgenic technology. This approach creates genes that do not occur in nature or through traditional cross-breeding methods. Essentially, these are Frankenstein foods.

Most developed nations do not consider GMOs safe and have banned or severely restricted their use. The Drs. Wolfson has studied the tests conducted on your health from consuming genetically-modified foods, and we don’t consider them safe either.

Unfortunately, America’s policies considered GMOs to be safe. Not only are they allowed in this country, but food labels also do not even have to display it contains GMOs, despite an ABC News 2015 study that said 93% of all Americans favored labeling.

With cancer and diabetes plaguing the united states it’s time to make a change one person at a time you can be this change.  If your ready for that change but don’t know where to start, why not try it out for a week with support from me!  Helping others and changing lives is what A FIT Caregiver is all about!


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healthy ice cream - a fit caregiver

Here are the steps for my version of healthy ice cream:

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Healthy Strawberry and Banana Healthy Soft Serve Ice Cream
Easy homemade healthy ice cream with Strawberries and bananas. Healthy snack comfort food with only 4 ingredients.
Course Snack
Course Snack
  1. Slice 1 medium banana and place in plastic bag. Freeze for 4 hours or until completely frozen.
  2. Freeze 5 strawberries in a plastic bag or buy a package of frozen strawberries without sugar added.
  3. Place banana, strawberries, almond milk and protien powder in a blender or food processor.
  4. Blend until smooth.
Recipe Notes

It took a while for it to blend together since I was using my small ninja blender.  I had to stop the blender and mix it and put what didn't blend well, to the bottom.

It was worth the effort, so yummy and creamy it actually tasted more like pudding to me than ice cream.  So if you wanted it to taste more like ice cream,  I would place it back in the freezer for about 10- 15 minutes.

I used Shakeology instead of protein powder so your consistency might be a little different than mine.

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I used Shakeology in this recipe, it’s a nutritional shake I drink daily to keep my energy up and cravings under control.  Feel free to use any type of protein or cocoa powder.

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